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Owner and resident piano expert, Doug Yeats.
About us

The beginning of craftmanship

Westend Piano Ltd was founded by Eric Kaunat in 1948 offering services to the musical community in the district of Pointe St-Charles. Mr. Kaunat was a skilled piano technician who imported his craft from Europe.

A devoted apprentice

One day in 1966, Mr. Kaunat made the acquaintance of an avid pianist with a strong desire to learn more about pianos. Mr. Kaunat had found a worthy apprentice in this electrical engineer from Northern Telecom nearby : Mr. John Yeats. In 1971 Mr. Yeats bought the company. By 1977, now retired, he was immersed fulltime in his passion.

Like father like son

Doug, John's eldest son, was 20 in 1977, and had been involved in the piano business part-time since the age of 14. Doug was very intrigued by the effect this new business activity had on his father, and he became acutely aware of the pleasure and lack of stress his father was now experiencing. Doug decided to follow in his fathers footsteps.

Doug's upbringing involved music. He soon realized his passion for music and the piano was substantial. He studied Mechanical Engineering (specialty in accoustics and piano technology) obtaining a bachelors degree in 1985 form Concordia University.

The science of sound and music, and the engineering of the piano have few secrets left for Doug. At age 32, in 1989, Doug was now ready to take over the business. He therefore continues the legacy and the upstanding reputation of Westend Piano, built by John Yeats and Eric Kaunat.

Important dates :


Founding of Westend Piano Ltd. by Eric Kaunat in Pointe St-Charles


John Yeats is apprenticing with Eric Kaunat


John Yeats purchases Westend Piano Ltd.


Relocation of the business to Montreal-West


John Yeats retires from Northern Telecom and pursues his passion fulltime


Doug Yeats takes over the family business


John Yeats passes away


The business is relocated to a bigger facility at 17 Ronald Drive, Montreal-West

Westend Piano today

Westend Piano today is a high quality piano restoration facility. Its association with many outstanding people in the piano technology trade makes it a leader in this field. Some of these people have been trained in house over the years, developing very high specific skills. Others have been trained elsewhere bringing and sharing their knowledge with us. Our team is vibrant and passionate about the work we do.
It is a fun environment to work in.

Some of Westend Piano's regular associates to name a few include :

Tuners / Technicians Woodwork specialists
Marie-France Baribeau Romuald Karny, keyboard
Claude Thompson Wladyslaw Karny, soundboard / bridges
Kati Yeats Tomasz Karny, cabinetry
Marc Cerisano  
Alan Probets Piano movers
Kazuhiko Kaneta Tom Rebelo, Move 'N' Tune

Oliver Esmond White

Clark Davis, Premier Piano
Musicians Industries
Esfir Dyachkov, pianist and teacher Hume Piano Co
Dang Thai Son, concert pianist and teacher Mr Tuner
Trevor Payne, Jubilation Gospel Choir Pianophile

Tristen Lauber, pianist and teacher

GC Piano Co
Earl Wilson, pianist and teacher

A-1 Buy & Sell Piano-Agency


There is more to Doug...

Doug was also an accomplished athlete in Greco-Roman Wrestling.
Between 1975 and 1992, representing Canada, he won medals in numerous international competitions and represented Canada at five consecutive Olympic Games.

1999 : admitted to the Canadian Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame
2001 : admitted to the Concordia University Sports Hall of Fame
2004 : admitted to the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame

Articles in Montreal Gazette news paper

Several articles about Doug and Westend Piano were written in the Gazette:

January 23rd, 2010