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Request Information

We are pleased to offer you a new service at Westend Piano!

We will gladly answer your request of evaluating your piano.


The technology of digital photography at our service.

With the help of technology, we can evaluate your piano quickly and efficiently. All we need are digital pictures you can send us by e-mail. Here is what to take. No need to compress them, just send them in your camera's original jpeg format.
If you have any questions or comments for us, we would love to hear from you.
Clic here and attach your pictures to your message.

7 necessary angles for a good over-look :

The cabinet, for its overall condition and design.
The keys, to determine if they are of plastic or ivory.
The action and keyboard, for their overall condition.
The treble and tenor hammers and tuning pins.
The bass hammers and tuning pins.
The dampers and hammers.
The bridges and sound board.