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Restoring a Piano

Over time, pianos naturally lose much of their original tone and lustre, resulting in a dull sound and appearance. Depending on the extent of the wear and damage, the piano may need a reconditioning or it may need to be restored or rebuilt (click here to learn the difference between the two). In either case, our skilled experts can refinish, restore, or rebuild most pianos, resulting in a sound and appearance that is often times better than the original.

Witness the following photos, an extreme example of our abilities.

Why fires and pianos don't mix

The following photos are of a piano that was nearly destroyed in a house fire. The body was heavily charred and the soundboard and many of the internal parts were damaged beyond repair.

The piano's burned body Damaged soundboard and tuning pegs

Enter the experts...

The client came to us to repair this antique piano. We eagerly took the challenge and set to work refinishing the body, soundboard, and keyboard. The following photos detail our work on the soundboard: laying new wood, drilling holes for the pegs, and the final finishing touches.

Laying the new wood Drilling holes for tuning pegs

The finished interior of the piano.

Voila! The finished product!

And finally, after hours of tiring work, we had restored the piano to better than new!

The final test: playing the finished piano

If we can resurrect a charred and crisped piano, just imagine what we can do for you...