Témoignages de la clientèle

Nous sommes fièrent de pouvoir rencontrer les exigences de nos clients, et leurs satisfaction nous tient à coeur. Ces lettres d'appréciation témoignent de notre réussite et de nos priorités.

Voici quelques exemple des lettres que nous avons reçues:

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Un client exprime sa reconnaissance à
Doug Yeats, propriétaire des Pianos Westend!

Honêteté et Intégrité

Dear Mr. Yates,

I would like to thank you for sticking to your word about the piano that you purchased from me last month. Upon seeing it, it seems that you felt it was not worth the $200 minimum that you had promised me. You are indeed a man of integrity. This point will not be lost on myself or people that I may speak to of you. I certainly will feel confident to send my friends to your establishment if I hear they are looking for a piano to purchase for you have demonstrated your honesty quite clearly.


Diane B.

Restaurations Excellentes

Subject: Steinway Model 'A' 6'2" Grand Piano Serial # 51720 (1884).

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been four years since I purchased a restored Steinway piano from Westend Piano Ltd. As a professional musician and teacher I was looking for an instrument that would lead myself and my students into a higher realm of musicianship. I play chamber music with members of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and other professional musicians in town, they love the tonal warmth and richness of this instrument. The wide expressive dynamic range allows me to accompany the softest flute passages right through double trumpet concertos.

In my teaching life, both privately and with the McGill University Conservatory of Music, I have watched this instrument awaken levels of sensitivity in my students that I know other instruments would be unable to stimulate. The mechanical and tonal surety allow the students to reach the highest levels of their potential.

This instrument has been carefully rebuilt in every aspect. I am very grateful for the fine service and restoration that Doug Yeats and Westend Piano Ltd. have been able to do.


Earl W.
B.Mus. M.Mus.

Dear Doug,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the reconditioned Steinway I bought from you a couple years ago.

I know now that buying that piano was the best thing I have done. As I progressed from small to large uprights, all reconditioned pianos that I purchased from you, you were right to suggest that it was time to "bite the bullet" and go for the Steinway grand piano.

When I first saw my piano, on its side and with a faded, yellowish hue, I was disheartened. But you said that mechanically it was in good shape and it would look great once it was reconditioned.

Needless to say you were right. Aside from its wonderful tone and action, which a number of professional pianists have commented on, its beauty is now the focus of our living room.

It's nice to know that an old Steinway model A #48615, built around 1880, is as beautiful in sound and appearance as it was over a hundred years ago.

Playing my piano is truly one of the joys in my life, thank you for that.


Marilyn M.

Aide et Conseil

Doug Yeats
Westend Piano Ltd
17 Ronald Drive, Montreal West, Qc

Doug, j'avoue que j'étais un peu inquiet d'acheter un piano à reconditionner dont je n'avais jamais écouté sa sonorité. Je suis allé partout dans ma région voir et entendre des pianos convenant bien à mon budget. Lors de notre deuxième rencontre, tu m'avais dit que le son de ce Mehling 6 pieds 5 pouces 1926 aurait une belle sonorité et que la touche du clavier de celui-ci serait facile à jouer. Je t'ai fait confiance et lorsque j'ai joué la première fois sur ce piano, j'ai été vraiment épaté de la richesse du son, de la touche du clavier et en plus le meuble était refait impeccablement.

Doug, lors de notre première rencontre, je t'avais dit que j'avais 64 ans et que je ne devais pas me tromper sur le choix de mon piano. Je ne suis pas un pianiste professionnel mais depuis que j'ai ce magnifique Mehling, j'ai le goût à tous les jours d'en jouer et à l'occasion avec des amis musiciens.

Doug, merci beaucoup de m'avoir aidé, conseillé et trouvé ce bon piano. Je t'en suis très reconnaissant et merci à tous tes employés(es) qui ont fait un excellent travail.

Serge Neveu
St-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec

Actif dans la Communauté

From: The Auxiliary of Douglas Hospial

Mr. Doug Yeats,

Thank you so much for yet another very good piano. We are all so appreciative of your giving to the Hospital.

We have a number of patients who have felt te lack of a piano and they are now able to use this one when it is not being used for functions in their Community Room. You can be assured it will be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Mary C.

From: Collier Street United Church

Dear Doug,

Thanks so much for the fine work you did on the 110 year old Steinway B we purchased from you last year. We are enjoying the deep sound of the bass as well as the strength of the upper register.

We are happy with the restoration work on the interior and the refinishing of the exterior.


Eleanore H.
Chair, Piano Committee