These are just samples of the variety of quality restored pianos that we have to offer. For a more complete look at the pianos that we have for sale, visit or call us!

INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Delivery, tuning after delivery, a bench, and a 5 year warranty against major defects. A full price exchange option is available should you decide to purchase a piano of higher value in the next 5 years.


Pianos Available for Sale:

Young-Chang 5'10" - 1994. Model: G-175C. Serial #: G-081697. Price: Contact.

Steinway Grand. Model: M-Ex-Player. Size: 6’2”. Serial: 230800. Year: 1926. Price: Contact.

Kawai Upright. Model: CX-21D. 48”. Year: 1990. Serial: 185718. Price: Contact.

Boston Upright. Model: UP-118-S. Size: 46". Serial: B135508. Year: 2006. Price: 5500.

Kawai Model 550. 5'11". Serial: 319426. Year: 1969. Price: Contact.

Kimball Baby Grand Piano 5'6". Year: 1998. Serial: 22070. Price: 9900.

Baldwin Grand 6'4" Satin Black - Model L 1905. #: 12186. Fully restored with brand new action. Price: Contact.

Heintzman Model K. Year ~1945. Price: Contact.

Yamaha Upright U3. Price: Contact

Strauss Studio UP-110A 43”. Serial: 367753. Year: 2006. Price: $3400

Willis Console Apt. Size 40' - Walnut. Serial: 71129014. Year: 1978. Price: $1500.